‘include’ is the new trading name of Gibran (UK) Ltd. We are a not for profit enterprise that has been providing free independent community support to offenders across Wales for the last 10 years, supporting over 2,500 people in this time.


Women’s Pathfinder Diversion Scheme – Cardiff Bay Police Station

The Women’s Pathfinder supports service provision for women within the Criminal Justice System (CJS). A wide range of agencies are working together to provide a range of interventions to meet the needs of individual women and reduce reoffending.

The Diversion Scheme offers an opportunity for some women who have been arrested to avoid a charge, caution, and even a criminal record, by engaging with support from the Women’s Pathfinder.

Since July 2014 over 600 women have been diverted, many of whom have attended ‘Crime & Consequence’ workshops to learn more about the impact of offending on all areas of life.

The ‘include hub’ – Swansea

Our flagship project, the ‘include community hub’ is run by ex-offenders for ex-offenders, their families and the wider community. The idea is to harness the potential of people who have lived experience of the challenges faced by disadvantaged groups, and for them to help others turn their lives around.

The development of the include hub is an opportunity to create a new model of working that’s genuinely co-produced by the people who benefit from the service, with the flexibility to offer members what they want.

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What We Do - The Nitty Gritty...

The idea for the ‘include hub’ came from extensive consultation with offenders, ex-offenders, people working in the criminal justice services and the wider community.

People told us that they wanted to see services that were welcoming in a pleasant environment – a place that would not feel intimidating to attend.

One of the most important things for us at the hub is to step away from stereotypes and do things differently!

This isn’t as a criticism for what already exists, just an acknowledgement of our consultation findings and that not everything works for everybody. We are all too aware of the barriers to change faced by people engaged in offending behaviour. Our team of volunteers have all been there and come out the other side, which means they’re the ideal people to be at the hub, motivating and inspiring change in member’s who are still on the path to rehabilitation.

The design of the hub relies on the input of volunteers and its members to run effectively, and provision includes:

  • Informal drop-in
  • Peer mentor support & advice
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Training & workshops
  • Clubs – e.g. Job club; mum’s club; music club
  • Social activities such as movie nights & quiz nights
  • Life skills – cooking, budgeting, literacy, managing a tenancy
  • Specialist advice – housing, legal, benefits
  • IT and telephone access
  • Advice, information and assistance to access existing services
  • Solution focused support
  • Creative activities such as art, choir, sewing
  • Member’s forum
  • Fitness for all – indoor and outdoors
  • Peer led recovery support
  • Politics
  • Pregnancy & breastfeeding groups

You’re welcome to pop in any time to find out more about what we do, or contact us via the website.

Research demonstrates that peer mentors are powerful agents for change.

Our peer mentors support ex-offenders and serve as inspirational role models, demonstrating that change is possible with the right support.

To find out about our Peer Mentor Training, get in touch!

One of the biggest barriers facing ex-offenders in moving on is that of gaining employment with a criminal record.

Understanding the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act is a minefield!

We can help you to understand your rights and answer some of the questions you might have but don’t know where to ask, such as:

Will my convictions ever be ‘spent’?

What does ‘spent’ mean anyway?

What jobs can / can’t I do with my convictions?

What to I have to tell employers about my convictions?

What are the different types of DBS check and who can ask for one?

How do I get a copy of my criminal record?

If you need advice about disclosing convictions, get in touch.

This scheme is for eligible women referred from custody following arrest at Cardiff Bay Police Station only.

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